Chair’s Address Remediated

I am finally able to share a video of the Chair’s Address from the Houston convention.  It’s a little late, and here’s why:

When I got the hard drive of the video, I discovered that it only captured some of my talk. The entire file stopped abruptly with 3 or 4 minutes to go, and the framing of the video showed just me and my podium, missing the video screens, the signers, and the crowd, all of which seemed important to the vibe of the talk.

Houston Auditorium
Stage and screens in Houston

Rather than cry about it, I decided I needed a good old fashioned intervention remediation, and I called on my colleague Michael Faris, director of the Texas Tech Media Lab, and shot the whole speech a second time with a black screen behind me and using both a web cam for close-ups and the output from my laptop to capture the visualizations I displayed on the big screens in Houston.

Michael suggested that his students in the New Media Rhetoric course we held last week for our online PhD students during the May Seminar might enjoy working on this project as part of their classwork.  So we assembled the old video, the new video of me, the new video of the visualizations, and all the still images and videos I used in my Houston talk, and put them all together into the form I uploaded to YouTube. So, in addition to my gratitude to Dr. Faris, I also owe deep thanks to his talented and hard-working graduate students Sarah Austin and Erica Stone.

The text of the talk is already posted on this blog, and I’ll be working on a CCC journal version of it for later this year. Here’s the video:

And here are links to timecodes of various sections in case you’re looking for something particular:

The following credits are in the video and in the overview in YouTube, but they’re worth repeating here, as well.  In general, everything you hear and see comes from the public domain, from creative commons licenses, from my own permissions, or from screengrabs of the publicly available web pages I used to highlight examples.

All disruptive visualizations were created with Magic Music Visuals:  I programmed this software to take the audio of my voice and the auditorium, along with the images and lights, and render in realtime the disruptive scenes you saw in Houston, and which we recreated in the Texas Tech Media Lab in order to overlay them on this video.

Music selections covered by creative commons license:

Opening song: The League’s “Let’s Die of Our Sins”

Ending song: Roller Genoa “(I’ve Missed You) So Bad”

Cohn’s Tweet:

Warehouse image: Library of Congress LC-D4-42799

Ostrich image:

Oliver Twist image:,_cleaned).jpg

All trademarks are owned by the respective companies I highlighted, and the screenshots were taken from those companies’ web-pages.

Work Cited

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